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About Cambridge TV Training

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Learn by doing

Cambridge TV Training offers a unique path into the TV and film industries. We are a not-for-profit organisation and our aim is placing our participants into the industry.

We are based in Cambridge, UK and the school was founded in 2015 alongside its partner company Cambridge TV Productions. We broadcast the best of our participants’ work on Freeview 7, Virgin 159, online, on YouTube and potentially on other broadcast networks.

We offer the skills, knowledge and opportunity to create an impressive portfolio needed to get a job. All participants are supported by a variety of production specialists to create a high-quality of work. Participants learn current industry practices with professional-standard equipment, so we take a radically different approach to learning video production compared to other educational programmes.

We supply training and support in multiple courses to cover every aspect of factual TV production.

Meet the Cambridge TV Training staff

Carl Homer

Director, Cambridge TV

Carl founded Cambridge TV in 2014. Between 2015-16 the team created nearly 12 hours a week of original news, science, business and cultural programming for a Cambridge audience on Freeview and Virgin Media.

He now develops factual formats for TV and online and is directly involved in as much programme making as possible.

Carl is experienced in film and TV production, having worked on feature films, TV shows and online video. Having filmed Hollywood stars and interviewed royalty, he can confirm that the people he’s met making documentaries about science, art and business are much more interesting…

Bob Coates

Chief Executive, Cambridge TV Training

Bob is founder and Chief Executive of Cambridge TV Training, Cambridge TV’s partner organisation. He is also a director at Cambridge TV.

Bob has held senior executive positions in the world of education (City & Guilds, Open University) and technology (Acorn) and has a background in change management, business development and science & technology.

He develops formats at Cambridge TV and, through Cambridge TV Training, provides opportunities for students to learn production skills while gaining real broadcast credits. He believes that learning by doing, in a demanding but supportive environment, is the key to a career in today’s creative industries.

Rick Pinder

Series Producer & administrator

Rick joined the team back in 2016. Providing valuable technical and creative support with experience in feature film production, short films, TV and online broadcasting.

Specialising in cinematography, producing and video editing for both Cambridge TV and Cambridge TV Training.

He supports participants from conceptualising an idea through to realising it at an industry standard and helps with understanding the technology. Rick believes that third person blurbs about himself are super awkward….

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