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One day Masterclass - Media training 101

This course will cover:

• Crystalising the point and trimming off the fat.
• Sifting the footage to create a first "radio edit".
• Telling a visual story with b-roll.
• How to bring your audience in by building characters, not just talking heads.
• Dialogue editing techniques to make your contributors tell their own story compellingly.
• Mastering structure, pace and tone.
• How best to log footage so you don't miss the best material.
• Making the best of unpromising footage.
• How to analyse an edit.

We are offering a one day workshop learning narrative video editing skills. It's aimed at people with a basic working knowledge of any editing software.

TV editors all use a similar approach to finding the best the story in their footage and telling it in the most engaging way. In this course we will outline the workflow of a professional TV editor and give you the skills to capture online audiences with your story.

Attendees will be provided with computers running a choice of Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro. If you use a different app, you can bring your own editing system.

For people who wish to learn editing software from scratch, courses in Adobe Premiere and Apple Final Cut Pro are available.

Dates & Prices

February course

Date: 27 February 2019

Cost: £250

Other dates

Other dates will be available soon

For more information or enquiries, contact us here:

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