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One day Masterclass - Video editing course

The course will cover:

• Exploring the differences in editing softwares.
• Operating the software to get you in a position to start editing.
• Practicising all the different functions that are current throughout all the editing softwares.
• Identifying usable footage.
• How to create a package using interviews, actuality b-roll, cut aways, music, voice over narrative, etc.
• Basic audio editing - selecting the right audio tracks and how to use them, keyframing volume levels, etc.
• Creating a 'radio edit'.
• Colour correction or colour grading.
• How to correctly clean a rough final cut of your project.

An editor can either make or break a project so learn how to do it to a professional standard.

We are offering a one day workshop for technical video editing skills. This will cover the different software available with the pros and cons for each so you can start building your skills in either Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro. Our goal is to enable you to be comfortable editing projects by yourself and pushing the boundaries for more advanced editors too.

The masterclass will be very hands-on. Each person will have their own editing station and we provide current industry professionals to guide you. We have industry level professional example material to work with but you may have projects of your own.

If you require any other needs such as learning how to create vfx, title sequences, etc do let us know!

Dates & Prices

February 2019

Date: 7 February 2019

Price: £350

Other dates

Other dates will be available soon

We also provide 1-to-1 sessions if required.

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