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Podcast workshop

Here's some of the latest podcast series Cambridge TV has produced:

University of Cambridge

Newmarket racecourse trainers

The Bradfield Centre

The course

"What a fantastic session that was. You know how to make a subject fascinating and engaging that makes everyone feel as if they want to go and podcast immediately!"

- Lousie Rushworth, Cambridge Network

Podcasting has exploded in popularity recently. The medium allows listeners to explore interesting topics. Podcasts are available on many growing platforms such as Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud and iTunes so this can help businesses target their potential audience. Cambridge TV Training is hosting a practical training session for people who want to learn how to create an audio only or video podcast.

The course will cover:

• Story - how to script a podcast format, making it quick and easy to write consistent shows every episode
• Style - formal or informal and how to achieve it
• How to ask interesting questions or infer a question through conversational means
• Presenter training - how to project yourself well, use your voice effectively and what to wear (if it's a video podcast)
• Technical setup - what equipment you will need and how it works
• How to capture good, clean audio using a range of microphones
• How to choose audio versus video podcast formats
• How to get your podcast onto all the major platforms and measure results
• The step by step process from planning to a finished product

There are multiple styles you can pursue when creating your podcast series. We will explore each of the different options and show you how to achieve its conventions, e.g. interview techniques on how to ask good questions to achieve a clear succinct answer, how to draw out a story from your contributor and how to infer a question without asking one.

Half-day 1-to-1 sessions are available if required.

June course

Date: 19 June 2019

Time: 9.30 - 1.30

Price: £350
Special offer for two people £500

Pay via Eventbrite, BACS or ask us for an invoice

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