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Camera training
with Nigel Kinnings

26 - 27 August 2019


Nigel is an award winning cinematography and camera operator that started his career in Film/TV working for BBC Bristol. Since then, he has worked on productions for BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, Discovery, National Geographic, Granada, CBC, Digibeta, the list goes on forever! He works on both Documentary and Drama as his work has taken him all over the world 60+ countries and counting.

As you can tell, Nigel travels a lot. He has shot many award winning travel and adventure programmes. Travelling with equipment and dealing with issues along the way has become second nature. Having worked in -40C in Siberia, +40C in the Kalahari desert, in aircraft and of course, on top of a volcano.

Course content

Cambridge TV Training is offering a 2 day in-depth camera training course with award-winning cameraman Nigel Kinnings. This is an advanced level course.

Each day of the course will consist of a practical workshop in the morning followed by a filmmaking exercise. At the end of each day we will review what we've learnt and what we've shot for future improvement. We also offer support from the Cambridge TV in-house training team. All equipment and lunch is provided. Participants are welcome to bring their own cameras.

Day 1
- Learn and practice different cinematography techniques in a small group
- Take a look a different cameras to decide what is needed for different environments - crop factors, camera characteristics, etc
- Advanced lighting workshop - Using flags and nets to shape lighting, how to be creative with lighting, creating new effects with colour temperature and learn new tricks to create new styles.
- Learn different types of equipment - matt boxes, filters, tracks, etc
- Take a look into composition (theory and practice)
- Practice with a variety of different cameras
- Filming in Cambridge TV studios

Day 2
- Training on the Sony FS7 - how to operate, how to push it's potential to get the best value from the camera how it differs from other cameras and what doesn't work well
- Combine everything we've learnt from day 1
- Filming in Cambridge TV studios

Payment through BACS and invoices are available upon request!

August course

Date: 26th & 27th August 2019
Times: 9.30am to 5.30pm each day
Price: £300 in total

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