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Drone workshop – getting the best pictures

The course will cover:

• 4K: Using the extra resolution for reframing in post
• Telling the Story: how and when to use a drone shot
• Getting the most from Intelligent Flight Modes
• Aerial cinematography techniques
• Framing and composition
• Timing your shoot – impact of natural light and time of day on your shots
• Post Production for drone shots
• Permissions
• Airmanship - Get the flying sorted first - then the camera.
• Segregating camera operator and drone pilot roles
• Drone Simulators
• Tips & tricks that will help you get good shots

How do you get stunning video from your drone? What makes good looking footage? What techniques are used to create impactful shots? Join our one-day practical course and learn to make great videos with your drone.

The course will cover shooting good examples and trying ideas in an outdoor location near Cambridge. Whilst we can demonstrate good techniques, and encourage you to practice these with our supervision, lets be clear that under CAA regulations, we can’t teach you to fly. It is not necessary to hold a PfCO unless you are flying for commercial purposes. This opportunity will suit experienced drone pilots (both hobbyists and commercial) who are interested in bringing home good footage and exploring new techniques for making video content.

Bring your own drones!

March course

Date: 13 March 2019 (or 27 March if weather is bad)

Price: £350

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