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Filmmaking course (for teenagers) – 4 days

Learn how to make professional videos!

Cambridge TV Training has access to the broadcast quality facilities of Cambridge TV. We’re running a short 4-day course for mid-teens who are fascinated by video and want to improve their skills.

Each day we will focus on a different aspect of video production e.g. camera training, audio workshops, video editing sessions. Through this, your skillset will broaden everyday to cover all the main aspects of production that you will need to create videos. In the mornings we have practical workshops and then we practice our skills in the afternoon by filming something interesting!

By the end of the course, we will have filmed and edited a video together with the potential to be broadcast on local TV and online.

In the course will cover:

• Location camera and sound
• Studio production
• Lighting
• Presenting
• Basic editing
• Safety and wellbeing

Camera training is taught on our Canon XA20 cameras - broadcast quality equipment and the skills you learn can be easily transferred to any other camera. Students are welcome to bring their own equipment to learn how to use properly as well.

As for video editing softwares, we will be using Final Cut Pro X.

We are not a conventional school or eduction practice. We believe in "learning by doing" in our teaching methods so we follow a very practical approach to learn new skills.

All of our tutors are current industry professionals that are commissioned to make TV programmes for the larger broadcasters. This allows us to teach you current industry practices on current industry standard equipment.

In terms of the age of participants, this specific course is aimed at people between the ages of 13-16.

A reasonable level of English language skills are needed if it's not your native tongue but otherwise no requirements are needed except a passion for making videos!

Dates & Prices

April course

Dates: 8 - 11 April 2019

Price: £400

Other course dates coming soon!

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